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Customer Testimonials

Hi Anna

Wanted to let you know how the product was going with my puppies.

After being told about you and this product by a friend I am now totally convinced it is the best on the market.

I spent hundreds of dollars on protexin that was not working. My puppies were not eating as they should so they were not growing as they should being wormed as necessary was making the situation worse , I started them on 1 teaspoon each and within 24 hours they were 100% improvement in their appetite and energy levels.

My friends pup was worse was given a c5 instead of a C3 at 6 weeks and was fading quickly the product worked so we she is now a beautiful 5 YR old happy and healthy all thanks to your wonderful product

Thanks Anna I definitely won't stop using it and will have all my puppies on a maintenance dose from now on.

Thank you very much.. Tracey


We changed from antibiotics in our feed lot ration to Farmer Peck’s probiotics as it was a feeling that overuse of antibiotics was being talked about at the time and also I was under the belief that if we could have supplied clean grain fed beef to clients it would have been to our advantage.

Proof was certainly seen after changing through our meat buyer and in the feedlot itself. Our meat buyer within a month of introduction saw overall meat qualities lift, marbling lifted up .5 to 1, meat and fat colour became so aligned. Our meat buyer of the time could not believe the change in our kill sheets. Overall quality had improved greatly.

There was a big gap from the other feedlots and the buyer tried to persuade everyone of them to go to farmer Pecks. No one else did as they were managed by corporate’s who only dealt with nutrionalists. At the time nutrionalists did not believe in them as there was no scientific trials done by the big companies.

From the feedlot side we saw great improvement in our cattle overall, less grain was found in cattle manure which lead to less food consumption from the cattle. Also our sick pen that use to hold at least 5-10 head per week disappeared. We had many stock and station agents ask us where our sick cattle were held. The pen was adjacent to cattle yards, overgrown with grass.

Trials and funding should be carried out to show all the big nutrionalist that Farmer Pecks probiotic really work. Think of how much antibiotics would be removed from all intensive livestock production; for the health of Australian people and my grandkids it is a must we get away from antibiotics. Just think, Australia could be the first country that can grow food without the use of antibiotics.

Testimonial by:
Graham Wakefield
Ex BanNondale Feedlot Manager
Corowa, NSW 2646


Our son Hayden has taken 3 bulls 1 heyfer + 2 steers, to 3 shows ( Biggenden, Marybough and Bundaberg). The cattles are limousin. He has won 32 ribbons and 3 champions and 3 trophies at the 3 shows. All people commented we had good feed to get cattle to look and handle this good. We mix all our grain it is the same as our feed lot ration base on No 2 Sorgum and cane top for fibre. We use Farmer Peck Performance Booster at 8gr/head/day to get this result. We have used FPPB for 10 years in our feedlot. We feed domestic cattle turn of at under 16 months all MSA graded. The last 60 cattles only one did not grade, 59 were MSA 7 and under with 5 grading MSA 1 being the perfect carcass. The stud cattle are on half the amount of grain as the feed lot. I would not grain feed cattle without FPPB in it which stop acidosis.

Testimonial by:
Malcolm Beresford
P: 07 4129 9175 | M: 0427 441 106 |


We started using the product 20th December 2012.

We are now at 1week of using it and have noticed less urine in the kennel  better drinking habits and better food tolerance. We are greyhound trainers with 50 dogs and 16 race dogs and there internal health is vital to performance. This product had a taste that the dogs willingly accepted as normal vitamins they would not take. I have since started my pups on the product and will let you know how they go.

The product will never let you down

Testimonial by:
Tracey and Greg


Subject: Mun and her labradoodle

Last year when I was in England staying with my mum who has spinal cancer I met her very sick Labradoodle bitch. She had eaten FOX POO (she will eat any poo!!!) 18 months prior to my visit and finished up on the operating table because the vets thought she may have an internal problem. The operation failed to fix all the problems and in fact probably made things worse after a series of fdrugs. Her ongoing symptoms were, eat anything and chuck up within 2 minutes, therefore always hungry and weak. Lacked energy, coat looked disgusting and one very stressed mum that was more worried for her dogs health than her own. (just like you Desmond). The vets had prescribed a very expensive paste in a syringe which when I read it was nothing more than a probiotic paste and told mum to feed a certain dog biscuit at 1 cup morning and 1 cup night soaked first. Not allowed to have any other food or tit bits or even bones. As you can imagine I wanted to shoot the vet because this was going to continue to burn a hole in my poor mother pocket and eventually send her broke and the rest. I called work and got the staff to mail 1kg Nubind and 1kg Performance Booster. When they arrived I got to work immediately. Half a teaspoon of each of them morning and night for a week. I know it was heaps but I thought what the hell, cant make her any worse than she already was. Within 24hrs her coat dropped. I spent the next 3 weeks walking her with a muzzle on, she got fitter and fitter. When I took the muzzle off she did not eat grass. What your product did for my mums Labradoodle changed mums life and in fact probably has added longevity to her remaining years (mums that is). Mum now has a dog which loves her long walks in the country, company when she is blackberry and sloe picking, important ingredients in mums healthy tonic wines, hahaha. Bonny (the dog) and Rona (my mum) have a busy schedule of walks ahead !!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to you guys

Testimonial by: