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NuEra Nutrition Product Trials

Beef Cows Yeast Trial

The following is some results for the yeast trial we had done. The trial was on 628 head of cattle from 2 vendors. Each vendors and half of each weight range were put on yeast and the other half were on normal rations. The average time the trial was done for was 63 days. All cattle were HGP Free. The following results were established Cattle on yeast had a better average weight gain of 0.32kg/day Feed conversion rates – Yeast 5.8:1 The following points of interest were also recorded on cattle that were being fed yeast Slightly more fat cover Marbled slightly better Finished quicker and were a better shape animal. Better dressing % vs the non yeast cattle.

Conducted by:
Scott Keilar
Westbeef Feedlot
P: 08 9675 1048 | F: 08 9675 1000 | E:
Kalannie WA 6468

Farmer Cattle Trial

My name is Malcolm Beresford.  We run a 49 head feedlot for domestic trade cattle.  Our breed is limo x red Brahman.  We started using Farmer Peck 7 or 8 years ago. We mix our own feed. We put 6 grams of Farmer Peck per head per day.

1st trial cattle with Farmer Peck Yeast they ate less 800 grams/day and put on 800 g more weight a day.  We regularly have 13 to 15 month steers dressing 250 to 300 kg with MSA grading between 3 and 6.  We have achieved MSA 2 on a few 14 months steer that dressed at 306 kg with a Maturity/Ossification (OSS) of 100.  Since using Farmer Peck Performance Booster, meat colour, fat and pH has improved.

Local butcher who have many repeat buyers for our beef.  I would not feed grain without Farmer Peck Performance Booster.

Cattle started on self feeders in paddocks have no ticks and no buffalo flies.

If you need more information about my experience using Farmer Peck Performance Booster, please don't hesitate to contact me on:

Conducted by:
Malcolm Beresford
P: 07 4129 9175 | M: 0427 441 106 | E: