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Personal message to all pet & livestock owners

Dear pet owners,

It brings me great pleasure to introduce this unique range of holistic animal health supplements to you.

After many years of successfully solving the growth and health issues for farmers worldwide we now have developed the world's most complex domestic pet supplement.

By bringing together our extensive experiences in the livestock market and focusing on the main concerns of pet owners I am confident that this supplement will provide you with the satisfaction you're looking for.

Until now this product has only been available to commercial cat and dog breeders, hunting hound owners and some of Australia's well-known pet feed producers. Now you too can experience the huge benefits this product has to offer.

After numerous case studies, on-field trials and the assistance of one of Australia's most knowledgeable animal science lecturers you will not find another product that compares.

Sincerely, Desmond


PS: After dedicating a lifetime to this industry now in my 70's I have decided to retire. It give me great peace and pleasure knowing that I have passed my formulations for this wonderful product onto a person that I know will be able to take it to the next level and share it with the world so that every animal can gain inner and outer health.

Welcome to the manufacturing industry Anna-marie, you now have the formulations to help every animal on this planet.... best of luck!! ... Des..